Wednesday, December 23, 2009

100 Years Young with BarleyLife

When asked what keeps her going, 100-year-old Edna Ree from Roswell, New Mexico points to three main things: God, Church family, and BarleyLife.

She takes BarleyLife every morning straight from the jar. She likes the taste. "Take BarleyLife and you will get standing ovations when you turn 90 and 100," Edna says.

At 100 years old, Edna Ree is proof of BarleyLife's power to extend lives and improve health. When people ask Edna how she has managed to live so long, her answer is simple: "Take BarleyLife." As Edna has proven for the past two decades, it is hard to argue with the results.

[This testimonial cannot be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.]

(from Living Well, January-February 2010)

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