Saturday, December 26, 2009

LeafGreens Changed My Life

Melissa Dobney from Payette, Idaho: "I had been very sick off and on for over six years," Melissa says. "I suffered from dizziness, fatigue, muscle weakness, and recurrent bladder infections. This would cycle every three to four months, and it became worse in the summer or if I was stressed."

"In 2007, my symptoms got much worse. I was having difficulty walking, talking, and swallowing; my muscle weakness got much worse. I couldn't even do the exercises I had been doing to stay healthy. At that point, I didn't realize how bad I was. I was very emotional and this wasn't like me either."

Not long after, Melissa was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (MS). Melissa was introduced to BarleyLife and LeafGreens.

"LeafGreens has changed my life," Melissa says. "It gives me the anti-inflammatory nutrition I need. I have always been anemic, so the iron content helps. My facial twitching is gone, same with the numbness and tingling, and my muscle strength is much better. I sleep better, my skin looks better, and my hair has started coming back in."

"I have always been leery of alternative health. I now take more health products from AIM: JustCarrots, RediBeets, BarleyLife, as well as HerbalFiberblend."

AIM products have had such a profound effect on Melissa that she made them a constant part of her family's routine. Melissa says, "We all realize being health is a life-style choice."

[This testimonial cannot be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.]

(from Living Well, January-February 2010)

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